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Many of our customers choose to work with On-oneTech certified partner to create their publications.
Here you’ll find a list of agencies with proven expertise.


DECE is a software house which has created a patented content management platform based on AI and natural language processing, where Enterprise Search and GIS are tightly integrated. These products are already being used by hundreds of users worldwide.


GEODI is a completely new generation Cognitive Content Management solution based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing. It processes and analyses structural and non-structural data (Big Data) and leverage that business data and GIS. It ensures teamwork and accelerates internal processes. it enables enterprises to access information easily and help them to turn their data into insights. GEODI offers various solution options with many optional modules. It may also integrate easily with your current systems. Please contact us for more information about Face Recognition, e-Discovery, OCR, CAD&GIS viewer, social media monitoring, and many other unique features of GEODI.

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MOBIDI is a smart mobile app used by field teams for location-aware data collection, activity monitoring, task management, and reporting. It increases the efficiency of field operations such as sales, maintenance, inspections, surveys, security, and so on. MOBIDI turns those activities into reports like KPI Reports, Client meeting Reports, Security issues, Cleaning issues, Branch Defaults, Location of Technical defects. MOBIDI solves many problems with a single platform instead of separate software for each job. With an investment of 2% of your total field operations costs, get at least a 20% increase in the efficiency of your field operations.



As part of its channel growth strategy, Intalio has partnered with On-OneTech (Pty) Ltd, a South African company specializing in Information Technology, to introduce its comprehensive Suite of Healthcare Automation and Management Systems (SHAMS) to the African market.

SHAMS offers an integrated healthcare information management solution used for preventative healthcare in small to large organizations such as private clinics and regional hospitals. This Hospital Information Management System provides users with effective means to manage and share patient information and is compliant with the latest international healthcare standards. It combines full-featured Document Management and Workflow Management that enable these organizations to streamline administrative processes, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient safety. On-OneTech (Pty) Ltd has a high level of expertise working in technological innovation across various industries such as banking, telecommunication, and the energy sector. The company delivers cutting-edge services such as E-Health, E-Learning, and customized software solutions to reduce risks, streamline operations, and improve business intelligence.

By harnessing Intalio’s advanced technologies and On-OneTech’s industry expertise, both companies will work together to strengthen their footprints in the healthcare industry, meet the increasing demand for healthcare services in Africa, cater to a higher number of customers, and help the industry maintain a high level of quality services.

This partnership will provide Intalio with a wider geographic reach to go beyond its key markets, with the ability to sell to and support the African healthcare industry and transform healthcare organizations across Africa.
“This strategic partnership presents us with an exciting opportunity to unleash our potential in Africa and unlock new opportunities in the African market as we believe that there is a significant demand for our innovative SHAMS offering in the African healthcare industry. We believe that our extensive expertise, combined with Onetech’s wide customer reach, will drive the rapid growth of our solution in the African region.” – Stephanie Azarian, SVP Expertise and Solutions at Intalio.

“We are looking forward to working seamlessly together to expand our technological capabilities and broaden our service offerings based on the greatest solutions and digital expertise that address the needs of healthcare organizations. This partnership will contribute to our further growth and development and help with the enhancement of the quality, safety, performance, and accountability of the South African health sector.” – Tshepo Moumakoe, CEO and Director of On-OneTech (Pty) Ltd

About Intalio
Intalio is a leading provider of Digital Transformation Solutions with over 30 years of countless innovations in Content Services, Process Services, and Data Governance. Initially founded in 1999, Intalio emerged as a leading provider for business process management solutions and distributed its services across North America, Europe, and Asia. Its main goal is to empower organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to design, deploy, and optimize the most complex business procedures.



Moumakoe Energy (Pty) is a greenfield business based in Mossel Bay. The company was established in 2011 by its founding member Mr Tshepo Dunstan Moumakoe to take advantage of opportunities presented by the economic transformation in the South African Petroleum and liquid fuels industry. Subsequently, in 2015, the company appointed Mr Tebogo Antony Moumakoe and Later Joined by Ludwe Geza, Lionei Ngubeni and Mme Laurraine Ntlhane to form company executive and open linkages of some of its operations to Mossel Bay in order to be in close proximity close proximity to the centre of the petrochemical industry in the Western Cape, as new opportunities arose relating to a dire need for excess storage capacity for petroleum products . As a result, Moumakoe Energy BUSINESS PRINCIPLE IS TO LEASE PETROLEUM STORAGE TANKS on Plot 419 in Mossel Bay.

Storage of Petrochemical Products

Moumakoe Energy Pty Ltd is an international and independent energy storage company, we store vital petrochemical products with care.

We enable the delivery of products that are vital to our economy and daily lives, ranging from chemicals, oils, gases and LNG.


We consult on Oil and gas midstream industry unleash the full value of energy assets safely, securely and profitably. Typically using a combination of industry expertise, best practices and tested solutions, we maximize the value of storages and, deploy the latest digital IT solutions and offer new processes in support of alternative energy sources.