about us

On-OneTech (Pty) Ltd is an Information Technological business based in Pretoria (Gauteng) and Mossel Bay (Western Cape) South Africa, the company was established in 2019 to take advantage of opportunities presented by the economic transformation in the South African IT industry.

The executive team has excellent academic and management qualifications, relatively young and energetic, and has the technical know-how to launch an operation in the Information Technical, executive have also vast experience working in the banking, telecommunication, and energy industry in the information technology sector. Certified with IT experts, the executives are mature in decision making to maintain the client’s entire IT ecosystems and quickly and efficiently resolve IT issues that arise. We see an opportunity of being one of the highly regarded IT businesses in Africa and the world.


To be a close-knit IT business, creating value for its employees, clients, partners and shareholders through growth and optimization.


Our vision is to create an environment where all communities have easy access to Technology resources and information and to provide an infrastructure the goals of  South African government strategic plan.


Services to our clients are tailored to meet their individual unique requirements and treated like our partners, offering them, in addition to our normal services, solutions that will enhance the way business is done.


  • Developing and maintaining superior computing and infrastructure for our country
  • Developing and a unified vision of technology that supports communities
  • Develop and maintain highly effective, secure and Innovative, reliable secure and innovative information systems to support instructional, administrative and research functions. facilitate the collection storage, security and electronic data while ensuring appropriate access
  • Identify and respond to the changing needs of communities through fiscally responsible collaboration and innovation.
  • To hire, empower and retain the most talented employees committed to serving our clients by steering the employees into a common goal and ensuring that they build techno change solutions as strong and respected brands .


  • Facilitate the use of technology throughout the government and private sector
  • Evaluate and implement emerging technologies in order to solve problems, enhance processes and services.
  • Provide professional development and training of technology in order to increase the productivity, efficiency and communication expertise of our trainees and staff.